Flowline Ultrasonic Level Gauge

Flowline Ultrasonic Level Gauge

Flowline Ultrasonic Level Gauge

Flowline is a world-renowned manufacturer of industrial instruments and is an expert in the design, manufacture and sale of liquid level measurement and control solutions for chemical solvents, water and wastewater applications. Flowline's core technology is non-contact ultrasonic level measurement. Flowline ultrasonic sensors are available in advanced thermoplastic packaging and are completely maintenance-free. Tieling Iron Instrument Co., Ltd. is the United States Flowline agents in China, Acting Flowline ultrasonic level gauge, a variety of level switches, liquid level controller, radar level gauge and flow switch and other products.


Flowline Quality Commitment
The design, testing and certification of new products are in accordance with the CFMus Safety Approvals for Factory Mutual.
The design of new products and the identification of third party agencies comply with the EU CE safety directive.
The design and manufacture of new products comply with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Regulations.
The Flowline Ultrasonic Level Sensor utilizes patented digital signal processing to ensure Flowline's product benefits, providing chemical and solvent, water and wastewater applications with 0.25 to 10 meters range of both accurate and reliable non-contact measurement products. The technology is highly adaptable, making your tank storage process more intuitive and continuously optimizing sensor power supply, obstacle identification and rejection, signal filtering, environmental noise exclusion, and fail-safe diagnostics.
Flowline has the following advantages in digital signal processing
0-25 meters to 10 meters non-contact level measurement, durable;
Precision up to 0.2%, the blind area to a minimum;
With adaptive signal output filter calm liquid fluctuation function;
2 "Narrow beam width ensures easy installation of side walls or obstructions.
Ultrasonic level gauge has a common type, with live reality type, with node output type, intrinsically safe explosion-proof and flameproof series. Users can choose different types of products according to different working conditions. The series of products with low maintenance, high performance, high precision, long life and other advantages.
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