Coal handling program control system

Coal handling program control system

Coal handling program control system

Coal handling program control system
Overview of Coal Handling Program Control System
Most of the fuel used in China's large thermal power plants is coal. If the coal origin and the power plant location or geographical location, it is necessary through the car, train, or ship to coal to the thermal power plant coal field, through coal unloading, heap coal, coal and coal blending and other processes to the designated coal bunker or Coal pipe. Thermal power plant coal handling program control system is the main task of automatic completion of coal unloading, coal, coal and coal, in order to achieve the quality and quantity on time for the unit (the original coal bunker) to provide the purpose of coal. The whole coal control system is a very important supporting system for thermal power plants. It is an important condition for ensuring the stability of the unit.
Construction of coal handling program control system
The coal handling system has many characteristics, such as more control equipment, complicated process, and scattered equipment, and the environment conditions are bad. Dust, damp, vibration, noise and electromagnetic interference are more serious. In order to meet the needs of modern development of the thermal power plant, coal handling control system I designed by PLC+CRT method, realize the centralized control program of coal handling system, to ensure the quality and quantity in time for generators to provide redundant control of coal, using two sets of controller, when problems occur in the system, the standby system will automatically take over the work. To ensure a stable supply of raw coal. Instead of the traditional site inspection and industrial TV as auxiliary means of site equipment operation state, network video monitoring, control and power management information system link, ensure the safety and reliability of coal handling system, production and operation of efficient and economical.
The function of coal handling program control system
(1) monitoring function
The operator can monitor the running status of the system through CRT, and the monitoring screen includes:
System profile
Coal unloading flow chart
On the coal flow chart
Coal blending flow chart
Equipment maintenance list
Alarm screen
(2) control function
The system has program control, interlocking manual, unlock the manual three control methods.
(3) coal handling control
The system can be based on the scene of coal unloading, coal, etc., in the case of coal non-stop automatic dynamic process switching, reducing the number of equipment start and stop and start and stop the equipment required time, can improve equipment utilization, energy.
The start and end of the process are based on the specific parameters of each belt calculation, the process starts, according to the direction of reverse coal flow, a device started stable, immediately start the previous level of equipment, which reduces the start time of the process, The plant with electricity, but also to ensure that the equipment overloaded start, there will be no heap coal, coal blocking, coal leakage and so on.
Process stop, according to the direction of coal flow, each device in its unloading net immediately when the automatic shutdown.
(4) coal blending control
According to the coal mine coal level high and low signal optimization of coal blending, the system has procedures for coal blending, manual coal with two operating modes:
Procedure Coal blending: After pre-set, the coal can be controlled according to the wishes of the people, according to the site of the coal-bit signal and the next car parking signal, as well as on-site requirements of the tail and maintenance vehicles, automatic control of substation operation and Stop, according to light, heavy, slow, anxious, automatic completion of the original coal warehouse jiacang coal.
Manual coal blending: by the operator according to the site of the coal and parking signals through the host computer operation under the car to run and stop to complete the original coal bunker coal blending.
(5) statistical management of coal handling equipment
The system is running at the same time automatically complete the equipment running time statistics, just call up the corresponding report, you can know the cumulative operation of all equipment time, which leads to good and bad state of the equipment conclusions, and can reflect the equipment utilization, which For the size of the coal handling equipment to provide a reliable basis for the arrangement. Also in the process of coal blending, it will automatically complete the warehouse of each warehouse measurement, and automatically carry out each class of coal storage and storage of the statistics.
(6) monitoring signal
The system is equipped with blocking coal, deviation, slippery, coal bunker and other kinds of protection signals, these signals once the action through the sound, alarm window, etc., promptly notify the operator of the equipment failure, fault type, degree Time and other important information, the host computer can also be used to read the curve of the motor motor current changes in order to accident analysis, judgment and timely processing.
(7) industrial television monitoring
Can use the industrial television monitoring mode in the key part of the pipeline to install the monitoring camera, as an auxiliary means of the field of equipment running the video surveillance, instead of the traditional site inspection to ensure the safety of coal handling system.
(8) networking with factory-level MIS
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