Soot program control system

Soot program control system

Soot program control system

Soot program control system
Summary of Soap Control System
Use a lot of electricity, petroleum and chemical enterprises in the industrial boiler in the operation process, many parts such as boiler water wall, superheater, economizer, air preheater pipe will be dust, which will not only affect the heat transfer effect of the tube wall, which can affect the formation of coke, its service life. Even cause the damage. Therefore, soot blower is installed on large boilers for regular cleaning of fouling and slagging on heating surfaces. Sootblower automatic control system with PLC as the core control unit according to the process requirements of controlling the blowing device by the touch screen (or PC display) to monitor the state of the equipment, and is equipped with a remote communication interface, realize the automation of the true sense of control.
Soot program control system can improve boiler efficiency, extend the maintenance cycle, save energy, expand coal adaptability and availability. Reduce the labor intensity of workers, improve the working environment of the operating personnel to ensure the safe operation of the boiler has a significant effect. Control cabinet can also be used explosion-proof positive pressure structure, to ensure that the control system in the petrochemical industry, there are combustible gas area safe and reliable operation.
Soot program control system
The sootblowing system is mainly composed of operator interface unit (display operation screen or industrial computer), sootblower interface unit (main control cabinet), power drive unit (power cabinet) and local equipment (long blow, short blow, Line and electric valves, etc.).
Display operation screen by the control panel, lights, buttons, switches and other components, installed in the control room, run by the operation of the operation of the sootblower and observe the operation of the soot. If the use of the host computer mode is the operator interface unit for the Advantech IPC computer, which through the control cable and control cabinet connected to the operation interface displayed on the LCD display, the operator can use the mouse for various operations. The control cabinet is responsible for collecting the field signal, receiving the instruction issued by the operator interface unit and coordinating the operation of the soot blowing system to realize the electrical control of the actuator. Power cabinet by the control cabinet direct control, to drive a variety of soot and all kinds of electric valves.
Soot program control system function
Group control
According to the scene of the soot device layout, control line power load factor and so on, the sootblower for group control. The components are boiler boiler soot control subsystem, superheater, reheater and economizer sootblower control subsystem, rotary air preheater soot control subsystem, soot steam pipe on the Steam valve and trap control subsystem (the specific subsystem can be arranged according to the user's actual equipment needs). Each group has all the way power and control power, in the hard wiring and software have been locked to prevent the switch, the line overload.
Soot control
Soot control mode according to the needs of different circumstances, you can use automatic sequence, remote manual, local manual, local no steam soot and other means. Soot all the electric doors are involved in program-controlled, in the program-controlled disk to achieve remote operation, or in the field on-site hand-held.
Local no steam soot can only be used for the shutdown state, the soot when debugging commissioning test run to prevent dry blown burn equipment.
Remote manual soot can be selected in any order of an input, and can accept interlock and human interrupt signal.
Auto-control By default, the order is in numerical order, but it can also be done in any combination of groups. Sequential can also be run automatically by the interval interval set. You can also accept interlocks and artificially interrupt signals. Press the emergency The exit button will cause the running sootblower to exit early and end the sequence mode, in the ready state.
When set to the local mode, you can manually control the soot in place.
Interlock protection
With a variety of interlock protection to ensure the system safe and stable operation. Soot-free medium pressure protection, operating power loss protection, soot motor overload and short circuit protection, soot blower overtime protection, manual and automatic interlock, medium pressure low forbidden operation interlock, forward time and emergency back interlock, accident Automatic trip, all kinds of failures occur when the sound and light alarm signal, and according to the type of failure to take the appropriate protection measures.
Operation interface
The host computer adopts Advantech IPC with configuration control software. The optional operation interface is: control panel, operation panel, pressure temperature curve, alarm display, sequence selection screen, smoke temperature detector control screen, image Dynamic display of the various valves, pipes, blowing pipe layout and status, display running time, showing the soot pressure value, the system status indicator and so on. When the system is in alarm, the alarm screen will be displayed automatically, the alarm will be displayed, the alarm will be recorded, and the operation and fault information can be recorded on the alarm list for the last 30 days.
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