PTB intelligent flow totalizer

PTB intelligent flow totalizer

PTB intelligent flow totalizer

PTB intelligent flow totalizer
PTB-type flow totalizer is an intelligent programmable instrument. The instrument can accept the pulse signal output or analog current signal output flow sensor signal, coupled with the pressure transmitter, the temperature transmitter to form a high-precision flow measurement system. In the instrument software support, the measured medium can be on-line temperature, pressure compensation operation, improve the measurement accuracy. The instrument provides up to more than 20 kinds of work, can display the cumulative mass flow, standard volume flow or operating volume flow, while showing the measured medium temperature, pressure, instantaneous flow, density, frequency and other parameters. Meter programming settings and accumulated flow values ​​are not lost for long periods of time. Instrument with anti-theft function. The number of changes in the use of parameters, cumulative power outage or power outages automatically recorded and displayed.
Technical advantages
Can be combined with the radio to form a wireless network, wireless telemetry, timely access to different geographical distribution of different measurement points of the instantaneous flow, cumulative flow, temperature, pressure, power-down time and other parameters; also with the modem, the company responsible for the entire system Construct.
The use of external parameters into the original way, can be charged plug, friendly man-machine interface, easy to operate.
With digital and analog display, can meet the needs of users.
To improve the reliability of digital communications, the use of dual-CPU structure, between the two CPUs using the original data buffer technology, communication tasks managed by a dedicated CPU.
Technical performance of PTB type flow totalizer
Power supply: 220VAC, 50Hz;
Upper plate opening size: width × height = 152 × 76;
Working environment: temperature -30 ~ 50 ℃;
Relative humidity: ≤ 90%;
signal input:
Flow signal: power supply 24VDC or 12VDC, pulse signal 1-5000Hz input, or power supply 24VDC, 4-20mA input;
Pressure signal: 24VDC power supply, 4-20mA input; temperature signal: power supply 24VDC, 4-20mA input, or three-wire, thermal resistance or thermocouple input;
Signal output: 4-20mA standard signal;
Display: instantaneous flow, cumulative flow, temperature, pressure or frequency and power-down time;
Communication interface: RS-232 or RS-485 interface;
Applicable to a variety of flow sensor flow calculation.
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