PTB-D series

PTB-D series

PTB-D series
Pieto flow meter is in Tsinghua University, Tianjin University on the basis of technology developed a new type of intelligent flow meter, the predecessor of my company's explosion-proof intubation (probe) type flow meter.
Tieling Iron Light Instrument Co., Ltd. and Tsinghua University, Tianjin University, co-development and design of the Pieto flow meter that is explosion-proof intubation (probe) flow meter, after more than a decade in a wide range of industrial applications , Constantly summed up and improve the Pitotoba flow meter measurement theory and mature experience. Making the Pitobar flowmeter in many ways superior to other flowmeters.
Working principle
The Pieto flowmeter is a differential flow type flowmeter designed according to the international standard ISO3966 "Measurement of Fluid Flow in Closed Pipes - Using the Speed ​​Area Method of Pieto Static Pressure Tubes".
The flow rate is measured by measuring the difference between the total pressure and the static pressure of the central fluid of the pipe. The sensor is inserted into the center of the pipeline, the head pressure measurement hole is measured by the total pressure, and the total pressure pipe connected to lead the total pressure signal, the back pressure measurement hole is static pressure, and static pressure pipe connected to lead to static pressure signal, two The pressure signal is connected with the differential pressure transmitter "+" "-" terminal, the output differential pressure signal, while the thermal resistance thermometer measured fluid temperature, and the pressure signal, differential pressure signal and flow coefficient, etc. together with the intelligent totalizer Or DCS system after the operation, display the relevant data.
1, with anti-blocking features: Pieto flow meter sensor using a bullet type (measuring more clean media) and S-shaped back tube (measured impurity medium) two forms. The bullet form is based on the United States Willis introduced the bullet-shaped end of the detection rod design. Because of the fixed and gentle two inflection points, the stability of the flow coefficient is better, the warhead end of the high-pressure hole because the warhead of the front is wider, the formation of static high pressure area, will prevent the solid particles into the fluid , The anti-blocking performance are better than other cross-section of the detection rod. S-shaped back to the front of the probe to form a high pressure area, in the high pressure area at the formation of irregular swirl, dust by natural gravity of their own fall, to prevent the particles into the. These two forms from the principle to solve the problem of sensor jam.
2, high temperature and pressure: As the sensor material generally use 0Cr18Ni9 stainless steel (also available according to different fluids other materials), can be high temperature 650 ℃, pressure 32MPa.
3, high reliability: As the structure of the sensor design is reasonable, simple, pressure tube medium does not flow, impurities are not easy to go, so long to maintain the measurement accuracy.
4, easy to install: just in the appropriate location of the pipeline (straight pipe flow direction 70%), open a suitable hole, the sensor head can be inserted into the center of the pipeline, for some conditions can also be achieved with pressure Online installation.
5, easy maintenance: the sensor itself without maintenance, only by measuring instruments regularly test requirements, the differential pressure transmitter zero and full-scale verification, and the secondary table input current test can also be achieved online Dredge, online cleaning.
6, measuring a wide range: can measure a variety of gases, vapors and full of liquid; can solve the ultra-small diameter and large diameter, low flow rate, small flow and other difficult to measure the problem; can be round, square, Diamond, trapezoidal, oval, triangular and other shapes of pipe measurement.
7, energy saving: the simple structure of the sensor, the cross-sectional area is very small, almost no pressure in the fluid pipeline loss, operating costs greatly reduced, compared with the orifice flowmeter, with significant energy saving effect, after calculation, Flowmeter and orifice flowmeter energy consumption ratio of about 1.2: 100.
8, straight pipe requirements: elbow ≥ 2D. If you do not meet this condition Pieto can be based on the length of the field section of the field to ensure that the accuracy of the measurement.
9, to achieve the factory before the Pieto flow meter calibration.
10, Pitobar flow meter with high accuracy, repeatability and stability.
PTB-D series
PTB-D-type Pieto flowmeter is in Tsinghua University, Tianjin University on the basis of technology, design and development of a new practical patent products. It is widely used in various industries, such as metallurgy, electricity, oil, petrochemical, etc., it applies a very wide variety of fluids, almost all of the more clean flow media. Such as steam, general gas and liquid with a considerable viscosity of water.
It has the following characteristics:
1, the probe part of the bullet-type detection section, the flow coefficient is stable.
2, each flow meter are calibrated by high-precision standard wind tunnel.
3, the sensor, a valve, condenser, three valve sets, differential pressure transmitter, pressure transmitter can be integrated (one), but also the three valve group, differential pressure transmitter, pressure transmitter and Sensor separation (split type). In the pipe side wall open ¢ 24 hole after welding flange installation.
4, can be compatible with the computer or DCS system.
5, the use of multi-parameter transmitter, can be achieved on-site display.
6, differential pressure transmitter, pressure transmitter, temperature transmitter can choose flameproof, on-site explosion.
7, the maximum measurement diameter up to 9000mm, the minimum measurable 30mm.
8, the measurement accuracy: liquid accuracy up to ± 0.2%, steam accuracy up to ± 0.5%, gas accuracy up to ± 1%.
9, working pressure 0 ~ 32MPa.
10, medium temperature -100 ℃ ~ 650 ℃.
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