TGCZ magnetostrictive level gauge (transmitter)

TGCZ magnetostrictive level gauge (transmitter)

TGCZ magnetostrictive level gauge (transmitter)

TGCZ magnetostrictive level gauge (transmitter)

TGCZ magnetostrictive liquid level gauge (transmitter) adopts the most advanced signal acquisition technology, the product design is reasonable, the installation is convenient, the structure is exquisite, the environmental adaptability is strong, and it does not need regular re-marking and maintenance. It has the advantages of high precision, good stability, high reliability, diverse output signals, long service life, safety and reliability. It is widely used in the monitoring, alarm and control of liquid level and boundary level in the fields of industrial process control, petroleum processing, pharmaceutical, food processing, water treatment, underground storage of gas stations, etc.


Working principle
Magnetostrictive liquid level sensor consists of measuring rod, magnetostrictive wire, movable float and other parts. When the sensor works, the circuit part of the sensor will excite a pulse current on the waveguide wire, and the current will generate a pulse current magnetic field around the waveguide wire during the propagation of the current along the waveguide wire. There is a float outside the sensor rod, and a set of permanent magnetic rings inside the float. The float can move up and down along the rod with the change of the liquid level. When the pulse current magnetic field meets the magnetic field of the magnetic ring generated by the float, the magnetic field around the float The magnetic field changes, so that the waveguide wire generates a torsional wave pulse at the position of the float, and this pulse is transmitted back along the waveguide wire at a fixed speed and detected by the detection mechanism. By measuring the time difference between the emitted pulse current and the torsional wave, the position of the float, that is, the position of the liquid surface, can be accurately determined.

Technical advantages
TGCZ type magnetostrictive liquid level meter adopts non-contact measurement method, so as to eliminate the influence of the measured medium on the measurement components, and the meter head is equipped with a highly intelligent electronic module, which improves the measurement accuracy of the device and ensures the operation of the device. Stable and reliable. This type of product has reverse polarity protection function, which avoids the occurrence of meter head damage due to wiring errors.
The output signals of the TGCZ magnetostrictive liquid level meter are diversified. The user can observe the liquid level on the LCD liquid crystal display of the field meter, and the device can output 4-20mA standard current signal (with HART protocol). Indoor liquid level monitoring. When the liquid level is abnormal, the liquid level gauge will issue an alarm, and the user can remotely control it to ensure safe and stable operation. This type of device has a variety of functions, such as: lightning protection, anti-RF interference, explosion-proof (optional), data recovery, etc. It has the advantages of strong environmental adaptability and on-site maintenance-free.

Technical parameter
Supply voltage: 24V DC;
Ambient temperature: -40℃~+70℃;
Process pressure: ≤16MPa Medium requirements: density ≥0.45g/cm3, viscosity ≤0.005Pa.s; density difference ≥0.15g/cm3
Measuring range: 0.3m~20m;
Accuracy: 0.5 class;
Signal output: 4-20mA standard current signal with HART protocol;
Repeatability error: better than 0.01%FS;
Resolution: better than 0.01%FS;
Hysteresis: better than 0.01%FS;
Temperature influence: ±0.007%FS/℃;
Electrical interface: M20X1.5;
Explosion-proof grade: EXdIICT6Gb;
Shell protection grade: IP66.

Product selection table

TGCZ Product number Number Description Content
Installation method -1   Top-mounted magnetostrictive level gauge Mounted on top of the unit, process connections are flanged or threaded.
-2   With external displacer magnetostrictive level gauge Equipped with external buoy installation, the meter head is at the top, and the connection method is flange.
-3   Externally bundled magnetostrictive liquid level transmitter It is used in conjunction with the magnetic float level gauge, and is tied to the outside of the magnetic float level gauge, the gauge head is at the top, and the process connection is bundled.
Material   A   304 stainless steel When selecting other stainless steels, it must have physical properties such as oxidation resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and non-magnetic properties.
B   316 stainless steel
C   Other material
Process connection   F   Flange Process connection adopts flange connection (DN)
B   Thread Process connection is threaded (M)
T   Bundle Process connections are bundled
Measuring range   -L   Range Measuring range: 300mm~20000mm
Remark: TGCZ-/1TGCZ-2 magnetostrictive liquid level gauge working pressure≤4.0MPa;
TGCZ-3 type telescopic liquid level transmitter working pressure ≤ 32MPa, measuring full circle ≤ 20m.

Selection example
TGCZ magnetostrictive liquid level gauge Installation method: top-mounted, material: 316 stainless steel, process connection: flange connection, measuring range: 500mm



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