UTZ type magnetic float level gauge

UTZ type magnetic float level gauge

UTZ type magnetic float level gauge

UTZ type magnetic float level gauge

The UTZ type magnetic float level gauge is mainly composed of three parts: the body, the float and the display. According to the principle of buoyancy and magnetic field, a float is installed in the watch body. Due to the buoyancy of the liquid, the float floats up and down with the change of the liquid level. The float is equipped with permanent magnetic steel, and the magnetic field force generated by the magnetic steel drives the movement of the external display of the watch body to display the liquid level value. The display is mainly divided into flap type, vacuum type (patent number: ZL 2015 20711496.3) and LED type (patent number: ZL 2018 20337003.8). The flip-plate and vacuum-type displays are composed of rotors that are neatly arranged with small magnetic steels. The rotors are divided into red and white and red and green. The rotors in the display are made of plastic or ceramic materials. The boundary of different colors is the liquid level value. . The LED display adopts red and green light-emitting diodes, the gas part is red, the liquid part is green, and then the liquid level value is displayed.

Technical advantages
The body of UTZ type magnetic float level gauge is made of stainless steel, and the float is made of stainless steel or high-strength titanium alloy material, which has physical properties such as oxidation resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and non-magnetic properties. It is suitable for various special working conditions in petrochemical, electric power and other fields. When the temperature is greater than 120°C, the rotor of the flip-up display is made of ceramic material, which has the advantages of high strength, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and aging resistance. It ensures the long-term, stable and reliable operation of the liquid level gauge under high temperature, corrosion and other working conditions.
For working conditions such as grasslands, deserts and coastal areas, a vacuum display (patent number: ZL201520711496.3) is used. This type of display seals the rotor in a quartz glass tube, and uses a special process to evacuate the interior to isolate the air. , with anti-corrosion, dust, sea breeze, rain and other characteristics.
The UTZ type magnetic float level gauge has a variety of functions to choose from, and the scope of application is very wide. Users can choose a magnetic float level gauge with corresponding configuration functions according to the needs of the field conditions.

Anti-frost function
It is suitable for measuring the liquid level of -196℃~0℃. Cryogenic liquids often form frost or ice on the surface of the level gauge, making it impossible to see the liquid level. Under such conditions, a magnetic floating liquid level gauge with anti-frost function can be used, that is, an propylene-based protective window is installed in front of the display, and a thermal insulation material is installed on the entire liquid level gauge, so that the correct liquid level can be observed through the protective window.

Heat tracing function
Suitable for measuring the level of liquids with high viscosity or low boiling point. The heat tracing function is to install a jacket on the body of the magnetic float level gauge. For high-viscosity and easy-to-solidify liquids, steam or high-temperature liquid is introduced into the jacket, so that the temperature in the liquid chamber is the same as that in the measured device, so as to measure the accurate liquid level. For low-boiling and easy-boiling liquids, cooling water is introduced into the jacket to stabilize the liquid level, thereby ensuring the accuracy of the liquid level measurement.

Vacuum jacket function
Install the casing on the magnetic levitation level gauge, select stainless steel material with high anti-corrosion performance, and use a special process to evacuate the inside of the casing, so as to isolate the measured liquid from the external environment, and the effect of cold and heat preservation is obvious, especially suitable for Low temperature insulation, high temperature insulation and other working conditions, and to ensure the accuracy of liquid level measurement.

Corrosion resistance
For the liquid level measurement of the chemical medium with strong corrosiveness, the corrosion-resistant maglev liquid level gauge can be used, which is made of a corrosion-resistant resin material as a whole. For different corrosive media, choose different anti-corrosion materials, such as FRP, PVC, etc., to ensure that the device can be used safely and reliably.

Remote transmission (transmission) function
The magnetic float level gauge is equipped with a remote transmitter and indicator, the user can monitor the liquid level value in the control room, and has functions such as high and low level alarm and liquid level control.

Product selection table

UTZ Product number Content
Pressure Level
1.0   1.0MPa
1.6   1.6MPa
2.0   2.0MPa
2.5   2.5MPa
4.0   4.0MPa
5.0   5.0MPa
6.4   6.4MPa
10   10MPa
11   11MPa
12   12MPa
15   15MPa
16   16MPa
20   20MPa
22   22MPa
25   25MPa
35   35MPa
Display type   F   Flip (flip column) display
S   Vacuum display
LED   Diode Display
“一” (other function code)
Installation structure I   Ordinary side-to-side installation method, the top cylinder of the watch tube is sealed with a plug.
II   The common type is installed side-by-side, and the top of the meter tube is a flange-sealed type.


UTZ Product number Content
Installation structure   Top installation method, the top cylinder of the meter tube is sealed by plugging.
  The top installation method, the top of the meter tube is the flange sealing type.
  High display, low installation.
  Low display, high installation.
  Top and bottom installation.
  Top side installation.
Set tempreture
  T1   Plastic rotors are used at 0-120°C.
T2   120~550℃ adopts ceramic rotor and high temperature resistant magnetic steel.
Remote transmission
(transmission) function
  B1   With upper (or lower) alarm switch.
B2   With upper and lower limit alarm switch.
B(n)   n-Number of upper and lower alarm switches.
K   B1 type alarm (the alarm can receive 4 alarm signals).
  D   With transmitter, output 4-20mA signal (HART protocol optional), power supply 24VDC.
X   XGZU-500 type indicator.
Anti-corrosion type   NV   PVC, CPVC material, the maximum design pressure is 1.0MPa.
NP   Lining molding (304 lining plastic or 316 lining plastic).
Jacket type   J1   Steam Trace Jacketed Jacket Fitting Size: NPT1/2"
J2   Vacuum cooling type.
Anti-frost type   F1 -40~0
F2 -160~0
F3 -196~0
Material 304SS, 304LSS, 316SS, 316LSS or other material requirements


Selection example
Magnetic float level gauge
Design pressure: 1.6MPa, display form: flap (turn column) type display, installation structure: ordinary side-side installation, the top of the meter tube is flange sealing type, design temperature: <120℃, with upper or lower limit alarm Switch, jacket type, material: 304SS



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