Water level gauge tick generator

Water level gauge tick generator

Water level gauge tick generator

Water level gauge tick generator
The water level scale generator is an electronic digital display scale and scale equipment professionally matched by Tieling Tieguang Instrument Co., Ltd. for various water (liquid) level gauge monitoring systems. It is a new product developed by video overlay technology. The commonly used industrial TV monitoring device for the water level of the steam drum is to directly display the video image of the boiler on-site water level gauge captured by the camera on the display screen of the monitor. Only the liquid column image of the drum water level gauge can be seen on the display screen, but the scale of the water level gauge cannot be seen.​
The TGSW-1P water level scale generator completely solves this long-standing problem that has plagued users of water level gauges. It can generate the digital image signal corresponding to the scale scale, and superimpose it on the input water level image signal and output it to the monitor. The water level image superimposed with digital and scale image information will be displayed on the monitor, and the monitoring personnel can observe the height of the water level of the steam drum truly, intuitively and quantitatively. This instrument can display the scale on both sides, and can simultaneously identify the liquid level height of the left and right drum water level gauges (as shown in Figure 1 on the right). And the instrument has the function of generating the width of the scale, the horizontal position and the brightness of the scale, so that the generated digital scale scale can adapt to different actual scene environments and achieve the best observation effect.
The instrument is installed on the monitor side, away from the measurement site, and the components are not affected by the on-site drum water, steam and high temperature environment. Long-term operation is safe, stable and reliable.
Based on the above characteristics, this ruler scale generator has a wide range of applications:
Suitable for all kinds of single-color and double-color water level gauges
In addition to the drum water level gauge, it is also suitable for the superposition of the ruler of the monitoring image of the water (liquid) level gauge for other purposes.
Working principle
The ruler scale generator adopts video superposition technology, and the digital scale signal is edited by the digital logic chip and directly superimposed on the video signal input from the camera, and then the video image driver chip will output the superimposed video image.
Main Specifications
Video signal input: 1Vp-p 75Ω;
Video signal output: 1Vp-p 75Ω;
Working environment conditions: temperature 0 ~ 45 ℃, humidity <85%;
Power supply: 220±22V 50Hz 2.5Hz;
Dimensions: 263×50×173mm (width×height×depth).
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