TPH type balance container

TPH type balance container

TPH type balance container

The TPH type balance container is a primary part of the differential pressure water level gauge. It has the advantages of wide applicable pressure range, high reliability, accurate water level measurement and remote monitoring. It is widely used in water level monitoring of boiler drums, high and low heaters, condensers, etc.


Working principle
The differential pressure water level gauge uses the differential pressure principle to measure the differential pressure value between the static pressure in the balancer and the static pressure of the actual water level in the container (which changes with the rise and fall of the water level). Through the differential pressure transmitter, the differential pressure value is converted into an electrical signal and transmitted to the computer in the centralized control room to realize the water level monitoring.
Technical advantages
The balance container is divided into two types of single-chamber and double-chamber structures. The steam-water heat exchange of the ordinary single-chamber balance container is carried out in the balance container. Therefore, the upper and lower water temperatures of the balance container are different, and it is impossible to measure the temperature for density compensation. As a result, the reference water column density is set. The estimated value is determined, and the water level difference occurs. Our company's TPH-C room temperature single-chamber balance container (patent number: ZL202020701433.X) moves the position of the steam connection pipe on the balance container up, the condensate water fills the balance container, and the steam-water heat exchange is carried out in the steam connection pipe, so that the balance The temperature of the upper and lower water in the container is the same as the room temperature, and its temperature is compensated to determine the reference water column density. Then measure the pressure through the pressure transmitter, compensate the saturated water and steam density in the steam drum, determine the saturated steam and water density, and make the measured water level more accurate.
The TPH type balance vessel has a heat tracing function, which uses the saturated steam in the steam drum to heat it, so that the temperature in the balance container is similar to the temperature in the steam drum, and the accuracy of water level measurement is improved.

Selection parameter table

Product number Type Work pressure Operating temperature Center distance Range
TPH-A Single room ≤22MPa ≤540℃ 300~4000mm 300~4000mm
TPH-B Double room ≤22MPa ≤540℃ 300~4000mm 300~4000mm
TPH-C Room temperaturesingle room ≤22MPa ≤540℃ 300~4000mm 300~4000mm
TPH-D Heated double chamber ≤22MPa ≤540℃ 300~4000mm 300~4000mm
Material 20G/SA106/304/316 or according to user requirements
Connection method Welded or flanged connection


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