STV-D Drum Water Level Industrial TV System

STV-D Drum Water Level Industrial TV System

STV-D Drum Water Level Industrial TV System

STV-D Drum Water Level Industrial TV System
Product performance and technical characteristics:
Using industrial color camera, the camera has high temperature resistance, long life, reliable operation, high resolution, continuous operation and no distortion;
The camera protective cover is made of aluminum alloy. This product uses an axial flow fan to protect the camera from air cooling, and the cooling effect is good, ensuring that the camera works normally in a high temperature environment without failure. And equipped with electric heating function, can work normally in low temperature environment;
Equipped with an electric PTZ, the PTZ can be controlled by the PTZ controller in the centralized control room, and the camera protective cover can be driven to rotate up, down, left and right;
The product adopts electric three variable lenses, and the camera lens can be controlled by iris, zoom and zoom on the controller of the central control room. With over-temperature sound and light alarm function;
Equipped with a lens debugging box, when debugging, connect the lens debugging box to the protective cover interface to realize the control function of the camera controller;
Through a video switcher or screen splitter, two to four channels of monitoring images can be switched to one monitor for monitoring, commonly known as two heads and one tail or multiple heads and one tail.
Technical parameter:
Video signal PAL standard color full TV signal, video output: 1.0VP-P/75 ohms;
The horizontal resolution of the camera is greater than 480 lines;
Minimum illumination 3Lux;
Observation distance 2 meters~∝;
The lens is electric three-variable;
Power supply 220V, 50Hz, on-site 150W, centralized control room 150W;
Ambient temperature -10℃~60℃, ambient humidity <90%.
System composition:
Camera, electric three-variable lens, camera protective cover, camera controller, monitor, four-way switcher (or screen splitter), electric PTZ, PTZ controller, supporting cables, etc.
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