CCTV monitoring system (Sichuan Lutianhua site)

CCTV monitoring system (Sichuan Lutianhua site)

CCTV monitoring system (Sichuan Lutianhua site)

CCTV monitoring system (Sichuan Lutianhua site)
The CCTV monitoring system is an advanced monitoring system with strong preventive ability. It can directly watch all the conditions of the monitored place by remote control the camera front end (camera, lens, protective cover, PTZ) in the control room, real-time, image , It truly reflects the picture of the monitored and controlled object. It is an extremely effective observation tool for people to monitor in modern management. It has been widely used in various on-site monitoring and unattended monitoring in factory areas.
The basic configuration of CCTV monitoring system is as follows:
Cameras: including integrated cameras, network cameras, etc.;
Lens: including fixed focus and zoom, etc.;
Protective cover: including high temperature type, all-weather type, stainless steel type, etc.;
PTZ: including electric and fixed;
Signal transmission: including video cable transmission, twisted pair transmission, optical fiber transmission, digital network transmission, etc.;
Control mode: including analog control, analog + digital control, digital control, etc.
The digital closed-circuit monitoring system independently developed by our company adopts the MPEGIV compression standard, and uses the video server to collect all on-site image signals to realize real-time video recording and network transmission. The main functions are:
Real-time monitoring: real-time monitoring of on-site conditions, which can be displayed on multiple screens;
Recording method: timing/manual/alarm recording optional;
Dynamic monitoring: It includes two dynamic detection functions, dynamic detection and regional dynamic detection, which can effectively save disk space. When dynamic detection is linked to an alarm, the alarm image can be enlarged;
Cloud mirror control: It can be connected to multiple gimbal and lens control at the same time;
Text overlay: location information can be superimposed on each video to facilitate inquiry and evidence collection;
Multi-user management: administrator rights can be set;
Forwarding server: Realize the function of point-to-multipoint forwarding of real-time images.
The CCTV monitoring system produced by our company can be used for the monitoring of various explosion-proof, anti-corrosion and toxic and other harsh on-site environments, and is widely used in power plant, petrochemical and other plant monitoring.
Our company can design and manufacture according to the needs of users, and is responsible for guiding the installation to meet the various applications and needs of our customers.
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