CCTV Surveillance System

CCTV Surveillance System

CCTV Surveillance System

CCTV Surveillance System

CCTV monitoring system is an important part of the security technology prevention system, and it is an advanced comprehensive system with strong prevention ability. It can directly view all the conditions of the monitored place through the remote control camera and its auxiliary equipment (lens, pan/tilt, etc.), and display the live picture of the monitored object in real time, vividly and truly, and at the same time, it has functions such as automatic video recording and alarm linkage. It is an effective observation tool in modern management and monitoring, and has been widely used in various on-site monitoring and unattended monitoring in plant areas.

The basic configuration of CCTV monitoring system
Cameras: including box cameras, integrated cameras and network cameras, network integrated cameras, etc.;
Lens: including fixed focus and zoom, etc.;
Protective cover: including high temperature type, all-weather type, stainless steel type, flameproof type, etc.;
PTZ: including electric and fixed;
Signal transmission: including video cable transmission, twisted pair transmission, optical fiber transmission, digital network transmission, etc.;
Control mode: including analog control, analog + digital control, digital control, etc.

Our company uses the rapidly developing computer network technology and advanced digital image processing technology, combined with the professional ability and experience in the development of digital security products for many years, after fully understanding the actual needs of today's security monitoring and analysis of future user needs, design and development A set of software and hardware is combined with each other, and a variety of hardware devices are processed on the same platform as a network digital monitoring system.


Main functions of the system
Image display: ensure a high-definition real-time image, which can be displayed in multiple display modes such as single-screen, multi-screen segmentation, multi-channel video wall, and large-screen splicing;
Video storage: The new generation of H.264 high compression technology is adopted, which greatly improves the compression ratio and network transmission effect;
Each channel can achieve full-time recording, and the system can set various modes such as timed continuous recording, video moving recording, alarm linkage recording and manual recording according to the schedule;
Intelligent management, support multi-disk cycle recording, no need to manually change disks; support hot-swap in power-on state;
Retrieval and playback: You can accurately and quickly retrieve the required video data while recording;
Control function: It is convenient to control the front-end high-speed ball, the camera of the gimbal, etc.;
Alarm function: there are functions such as video loss alarm and mobile alarm recording, which are linked with alarm equipment;
Electronic map: The host has the function of electronic map, the user can draw the electronic map and set the alarm point according to the actual situation; after the alarm, the electronic map will automatically pop up to display the alarm location;
Sound collection: ensure multi-channel audio and video synchronous input function, the sound quality is clear and smooth, no noise, and can be stored synchronously, the sound and image data are packaged together, and the sound quality is not distorted during playback;
Text overlay: location information can be superimposed on each video to facilitate inquiry and evidence collection;
Multi-user management: administrator and multi-level user management rights can be set;
Operating system and software upgrade: Support multiple operating systems and user interfaces.
The CCTV monitoring system produced by our company can be used for the monitoring of various explosion-proof, anti-corrosion and toxic and other harsh on-site environments. Widely used in power plant petrochemical and other plant monitoring.
Our company can design, manufacture, and guide the installation according to user needs to meet the various application root needs of our customers.
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