Boiler slagging and coking monitoring device

Boiler slagging and coking monitoring device

Boiler slagging and coking monitoring device

Boiler slagging and coking monitoring device
The boiler slagging and coking monitoring device based on image analysis is a comprehensive monitoring device combining multimedia technology, computer technology, digital image processing technology and industrial TV technology. It conducts real-time monitoring of the boiler slag discharge shrinkage, can intuitively display the working conditions of the slag hopper and the slag scavenger, and further processes and analyzes the monitoring image to effectively and reliably determine the coking. When the coking is serious, it will automatically alarm and store video. , image information as the basis for accident analysis. Using the latest dual CPU high-speed processor and multi-thread parallel processing technology, the speed of multi-channel monitoring, alarm, remote control and image processing is more rapid and accurate. The device has novel design ideas, advanced technical means, superior performance, simple operation, accurate judgment of the monitoring target state, and intuitive and effective accident analysis methods. It is accepted and put into use by more and more large, medium and small thermal power plants. Boiler slag discharge operation monitoring plays an important role.
System Components
It is composed of high temperature probe, automatic advance and retreat furnace mechanism, electrical control cabinet, hard disk video recorder, industrial control computer, display, air control system, signal cable and control cable.
Device function
Real-time display of the slag falling status of the boiler shrinkage.
The high-temperature probe is a periscope system specially designed by our company for slag and coke monitoring. It has the function of circumferential rotation and can monitor the coking condition of the boiler's neck and slag discharge port above the slag hopper.
The video image is converted into a digital image by an image acquisition card, and displayed by a liquid crystal display.
Through the control of the host computer, the remote control of the entry, exit or rotation function of the high temperature probe can be realized, that is, the mouse is used in the centralized control room to click the corresponding button on the user operation page to control.
Various alarm signals can be displayed for the probe status, such as the probe position status or the abnormal status of over temperature and wind pressure. It can judge whether the video signal is interrupted due to the damage of the camera, and give the corresponding alarm signal, not only can receive other on-site, data signals (such as temperature, pressure and other signals), and alarm judgment according to the pre-input limit value, each The signal status, value, and each alarm signal can be displayed on the monitor screen in real time by video overlay technology.
It automatically judges whether the boiler neck is coking and sends out an alarm signal for the operator's reference. At the same time, it automatically records a total of 30 minutes of video before and after the accident, which is convenient for recall after the accident and analysis of the cause of coking.
The user ID and password can be set, the system startup and exit are password protected, and the system cannot be started or exited without permission;
A multi-user level management system can also be used, that is, different users have different passwords and authority levels, and can perform different operations on the system under the corresponding level of authority, and record their operation information for each different user. in order to assign responsibilities after the fact.
The alarm record can be queried according to the alarm time and alarm content, and the operation record can be queried according to the operation time, operator and operation content. The system reserves a port for the print output device, which can be connected to a printer to print out accident record reports and user operation record reports as reference materials.
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