FTV-H manual furnace flame monitoring device

FTV-H manual furnace flame monitoring device

FTV-H manual furnace flame monitoring device

FTV-H manual furnace flame monitoring device


FTV-H manual furnace flame monitoring device is an industrial monitoring device that inserts the mirror tube from the upper part of the furnace wall into the furnace to monitor the combustion state of the whole furnace. Its moving mechanism adopts manual forward and backward mode, which can make the up and down swing angle of the entire optical image transmission mechanism 10 °, so that the image center during ignition and operation can be adjusted to coincide with the center of the monitor to achieve the best observation effect. This type of monitoring device has the advantages of simple structure, easy maintenance and high cost performance.

Main technical parameters

Observation field of view: 50 °, 90 °, 105 ° 120 °;

Lens angle: 0 ° (direct view), 45 °, 60 °;

Working environment of protective cover: - 40 ℃~70 ℃;

Lens heat resistance temperature: ≤ 2000 ℃;

Air source parameters required by the device:

Air source air pressure ≥ 0.3Mpa;

Air source flow ≥ 0.3m3/min;

Wind temperature ≤ 40 ℃, dust particle size ≤ 10 μ m;

Oil content ≤ 10mg/m3;

Advance/retreat mode: manual sliding;

Installation mode: welding;

Working power supply: AC 220V, 50HZ, 50W;

Total weight: 36.5kg (field probe part).

Product Selection Table

FTV Product No Number description content
Kinematic mechanism -A   Electric It is applicable to the monitoring of industrial furnaces burning coal, gas and various direct fuels in petrochemical, electric power and metallurgical industries.
-C   Pneumatic
-H   Manual
-G   Fixed
signal transmission   L   Optical cable transmission

It is suitable for working conditions with long signal transmission distance and strong signal interference

(Transmission distance ≥ 250m).

C     Cable transmission It is applicable to working conditions with appropriate signal transmission distance and weak signal interference (transmission distance<250m).
Air cooling protection     Instrument air source It is applicable to the working condition with instrument air source on site.
  Air source of vortex air pump It is applicable to the working condition without instrument air source on site.
  Low pressure air source It is applicable to the working condition with low pressure air source on site.
“-”(Other function codes)
function   R   330 ° electric circumferential rotation It can comprehensively, timely and intuitively master various working conditions in the furnace, and has a wider monitoring range, especially suitable for monitoring various heating furnaces in the petrochemical industry and boilers in the biological power generation industry.
  T   Furnace temperature measurement The combination of infrared thermal imaging technology and computer image digital processing technology can measure the real temperature of each target point or designated area in the whole monitoring field of view in the whole furnace in real time. It is especially suitable for various industrial furnaces in petrochemical industry.
  D   Intelligent control The computer image processing technology is used to further analyze and process the monitoring images, so as to realize intelligent control such as fire alarm, automatic compression and storage of images, automatic calibration of flame center, temperature field display, etc. It is especially suitable for working conditions requiring strict intelligent control.
  Ex explosion-proof

Suitable for petrochemical and electric power industries. For explosion-proof environment

The use demand of. Explosion proof grade: Ex-dIIBT4 Gb/Ex-dIICT4 Gb/Ex-dIICT6 Gb

Model Selection Example


Electric furnace flame monitoring device

Signal transmission: cable transmission, air cooling protection: instrument air source, with 330 ° electric circumferential rotation function, with furnace temperature measurement function, with explosion-proof function

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