Oilfield Heating Furnace Flame TV Monitoring System

Oilfield Heating Furnace Flame TV Monitoring System

(Summary description)

Oilfield Heating Furnace Flame TV Monitoring System

(Summary description)

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XHTV-A oilfield heating furnace flame TV monitoring system is a high temperature endoscopy industrial TV monitoring system specially designed for oilfield heating furnaces. The special endoscope high-temperature-resistant mirror tube is inserted into the furnace from the fire observation hole on the furnace wall, and the combustion of the burner in the furnace is imaged through the high-temperature-resistant imaging lens at the front end of the mirror tube, and the image is transmitted to the furnace through the optical transfer mirror group. The camera target surface of the camera at the rear end of the mirror tube is converted into a video signal by CCD, and transmitted to the monitor in the control room through the coaxial cable, so that the operator can see the flame burning in the furnace on the monitor screen in the control room. real image. The device can realize the whole process monitoring from the burner ignition to full load operation. When the burner has abnormal combustion and fire extinguishing failure, an alarm signal is automatically issued, and the fuel supply valve can be automatically controlled to close to reduce the occurrence of safety accidents. Safe and efficient operation provides a strong guarantee. According to the monitored combustion conditions in the furnace, the fuel supply can be adjusted reasonably to ensure the scientific, efficient and energy-saving operation of the heating furnace. At the same time, the labor intensity of the operator is reduced, and the operator does not need to go to the site to inspect the combustion situation in the furnace frequently.
The product adopts structural optimization design, which has the advantages of small size, light weight, beautiful appearance, high temperature resistance, and easy installation.
Technical Features
The periscope is made of high temperature resistant material, which is resistant to high temperature. Corrosion resistance, no ash, no sintering
The lens is made of high temperature resistant material, which is resistant to burnout, and the maximum working temperature can reach 500 ℃.
The mirror tube is designed with a natural ventilation cooling structure, and the natural wind can be automatically introduced to cool the mirror tube during negative pressure combustion.
The monitoring method of multiple heads and one tail can be adopted, and the monitoring images of multiple heating furnaces can be monitored on one monitor through the screen splitter.
Technical parameter
Observation field angle: 10~90°;
Lens heat-resistant temperature: ≤500℃ (without protective wind);
Working power: 220V, 50Hz, 500W;
Output frequency: 1.0Vp-p/75Ω;
Resolution: 420TVL;
Installation Notes
Weld the fixed mounting seat at the fire viewing hole, and install the mirror tube on the mounting support and probe into the furnace.
The attempt to probe into the mirror tube is determined according to the situation on site.
One power supply and one video prefabricated cable are laid from the control room to the installation site. Field wiring connector connection.

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