Computer Monitoring and Analysis System for Furnace Flame and Drum Water Level Monitoring

Computer Monitoring and Analysis System for Furnace Flame and Drum Water Level Monitoring

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Computer Monitoring and Analysis System for Furnace Flame and Drum Water Level Monitoring

(Summary description)

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The monitoring system uses CCD camera technology and computer digital image processing technology to further analyze and process the furnace flame image and the drum water level image, so as to effectively and reliably monitor the flame. The system can visually display the working conditions in the furnace, extract the characteristic parameters of the flame, detect the distribution of the flame in the furnace, the temperature field and the water level of the steam drum, automatically alarm and compress the video when the combustion deteriorates, and store the image information as the basis for accident analysis. The system has novel design ideas, advanced technical means, complete and reliable basic functions, friendly operation interface, and easy to use.
System Components:
Monitoring software, high-performance industrial computer, computer monitor, four-way image acquisition card, RS232 and RS485 conversion card, single-chip microcomputer, high-temperature endoscopic flame probe, color industrial TV monitoring probe, etc.
System functions:
The video image is converted into a digital image and displayed on a computer monitor, and the image size can be switched to realize multi-screen display or automatic switching;
Simultaneously input two-way flame images and two-way steam drum water level images;
The three variable lenses of the steam drum water level industrial TV system and the entry or exit control of the flame TV can be controlled through the mouse;
The observed images can be recorded at any time as needed;
Automatically determine fire extinguishing in the furnace, automatically issue an alarm and automatically save a total of 30 minutes of video before and after the accident, which is convenient for recall after the accident and analysis of the cause of fire in the furnace;
Realize flame temperature field analysis and false color display, track and mark the flame center, use isotherm to represent the temperature field, and give the temperature change curve in the designated area of ​​the furnace;
The observation range of the water level of the steam drum can be set, and the analog scale can be drawn as needed;
User ID and password can be set, and password protection is provided for starting the system and exiting the system.

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