PTB-S series

(Summary description)

PTB-S series

(Summary description)

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PTB-S series


Intelligent tube flowmeter is a new type of intelligent flowmeter developed and designed on the basis of the technology of Tsinghua University and Tianjin University. Its predecessor is our explosion-proof tube (probe) flowmeter.

Tieling Tieguang Instrument Co., Ltd. has successively cooperated with Tsinghua University and Tianjin University to jointly develop and design the intelligent tube type flowmeter, namely explosion-proof tube (probe) type flowmeter. After more than ten years of application in a wide range of industrial fields, it has continuously summarized and improved the measurement theory and mature experience of intelligent tube type flowmeter. This makes the intelligent tube flowmeter superior to other flowmeters in many aspects.

working principle

The intelligent intubation flowmeter is a point flow differential pressure flowmeter designed according to the international standard ISO3966 Measurement of Fluid Flow in Closed Pipes - Velocity Area Method Using Pitot Static Tube.

The sensor is used to measure the difference between the total pressure and static pressure of the fluid in the center of the pipe to measure the flow rate. Insert the sensor into the center of the pipe. The head-on pressure measuring hole measures the total pressure, which is connected with the total pressure pipe to lead out the total pressure signal. The back pressure measuring hole measures the static pressure, which is connected with the static pressure pipe to lead out the static pressure signal. The two pressure signals are connected with the "+" and "-" ends of the differential pressure transmitter to output the differential pressure signal. At the same time, the thermal resistance thermometer measures the fluid temperature, which is connected with the pressure signal After the differential pressure signal and flow coefficient are input into the intelligent totalizer or DCS system for calculation, relevant data will be displayed.


1. Anti blocking feature: the sensor of the intelligent cannula flowmeter adopts bullet type (measuring cleaner medium) and S-shaped back tube (measuring medium with impurities). The bullet form is designed according to the bullet shaped end face detection rod launched by the American Weiris Company. Because there are two fixed and gentle inflection points, the stability of the flow coefficient is better. Because the front of the bullet shaped end surface is wide, the high pressure measuring hole forms a static high pressure area, which will prevent the solid dust particles in the fluid from entering. Its anti blocking performance is better than that of the measuring rod of other sections. The high pressure area is formed in front of the probe of the S-shaped backrest tube, and the irregular swirling flow is formed in the high pressure area. The dust falls naturally under its own gravity, preventing particles from entering. These two forms solve the problem of sensor blockage in principle.

2. High temperature and high pressure resistance: as the sensor material is generally 0Cr18Ni9 stainless steel (other materials can also be selected according to different fluids), it can withstand high temperature of 650 ℃ and pressure of 32MPa.       

3. High reliability: because the structure design of the sensor is reasonable and simple, the medium in the impulse pipe does not flow, and impurities are not easy to enter, the measurement accuracy can be maintained for a long time.

4. Convenient installation: just drill a proper hole at the proper position of the pipe (70% of the flow direction of the straight pipe section), and insert the head of the sensor into the center of the pipe. For some working conditions, online installation under pressure can also be realized.

5. Simple maintenance: the sensor itself does not need maintenance. It only needs to carry out zero point and full scale calibration for the differential pressure transmitter according to the regular verification requirements of measuring instruments, and check the corresponding current input by the secondary meter. It can also realize online dredging and cleaning.

6. Wide measuring range: it can measure all kinds of gas, steam and full pipe liquid; It can solve the problems that are difficult to measure such as super small pipe diameter, super large pipe diameter, low flow rate, small flow rate, etc; It can measure pipes of various shapes such as round, square, rectangle, rhombus, trapezoid, ellipse and triangle.

7. Energy saving: due to the simple structure of the sensor, its sectional area is very small, there is almost no pressure loss in the fluid pipeline, and the operating cost is greatly reduced. Compared with the orifice flowmeter, it has obvious energy saving effect. After calculation, the energy consumption ratio of the intelligent tube type flowmeter and the orifice flowmeter is about 1.2:100.

8. Requirements for straight pipe section: ≥ 2D after bending. If this condition is not met, the intelligent cannulated flowmeter can conduct on-site calibration according to the length of the on-site pipe section to ensure the accuracy of the measurement.

9. It realizes the calibration of intelligent tube flowmeter one by one before delivery.

10. The intelligent cannula flowmeter has high accuracy, good repeatability and stability.    

PTB-S series

PTB-S intelligent intubation flowmeter is a new type of patent product, which is designed by using S-shaped back tube and pitot tube principle. It is widely used in metallurgy, electric power, petroleum, chemical industry and other industries. The flow medium containing impurities can be measured by PTB-S Pitoba flowmeter, such as the primary air volume and secondary air volume in the power industry, various material gases in the chemical industry, and various gases in the metallurgical industry.

It has the following characteristics:

1. The probe part adopts S-shaped pitot tube structure, and its rear part adopts near straight type with built-in anti impact plug structure. The pressure tapping hole has a large diameter, which can prevent blockage and facilitate dredging. The dust tank structure is set to facilitate the accumulation and removal of impurities.

2. Each flowmeter has been verified by a high-precision standard wind tunnel.

3. The pipe shall be provided with proper holes and flange welding for installation. The installation shall be convenient and leak free. The integrated or split structure can be used.

4. The differential pressure transmitter, pressure transmitter and temperature transmitter can be explosion-proof on site.

5. Compatible with computer or DCS system.

6. Multi parameter transmitter is adopted to realize field display.

8. Measurement accuracy: the liquid accuracy can reach ± 0.2% at most, and the gas accuracy can reach ± 1% at most.

9. The measuring pipe diameter can be 9000mm larger.

10. The working pressure is 0~32MPa.

11. The medium temperature can reach 650 ℃.

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