Furnace flame monitoring device

Furnace flame monitoring device

(Summary description)

Furnace flame monitoring device

(Summary description)

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Furnace flame monitoring device Furnace flame monitoring device is a color industrial television monitoring system that monitors the fuel combustion status in various industrial furnaces. The system integrates optics, mechanics and electronics. Through this system, the operator can monitor the real flame image in the furnace in real time from the monitor of the central control room, find abnormal combustion and special conditions in the furnace in time, and handle them accordingly. The application of this device has avoided some safety accidents and is the basis for safe, economic and stable operation of various industrial furnaces.

System composition and principle

FTV type furnace flame monitoring device is composed of optical image transmission mechanism, motion mechanism, protection mechanism, control mechanism and connection display mechanism. Its working principle is to image the combustion flame in the furnace through the high temperature resistant imaging lens probing into the furnace, and then the optical image converter group in the mirror tube transmits the captured flame image to the camera target surface located in the protective cover outside the furnace at the end of the mirror tube, which is converted into an electrical signal by CCD and sent to the monitor in the control room. So that the monitoring personnel can clearly see the real image of flame combustion in the furnace in the control room.

Technical advantages

The lenses of the FTV furnace flame monitoring device are all optical lenses developed by our company for the weapons and equipment of the Commission of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense. In particular, the protective lenses are made of sapphire materials through precision processing, and have high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance.

Thus, the imaging clarity (up to 4K resolution) and high temperature resistance (up to 2000 ℃) are achieved. The electronic components installed are imported brands to ensure the stability and reliability of the device operation. In view of the long-term high temperature working condition of the device, our company adopts air cooling protection technology to cool it in order to better ensure the stable operation of the device. The air cooling protection technology is to use instrument air to cool the lens and mirror tube of the device. The air cooling protection of the camera adopts our patented cyclone separator cooler (patent number: ZL201120083324.8). The cyclone separator cooler introduces instrument air into the cooler to separate hot air and cold air, which are discharged outward through the cooler. The cold air effectively cools the camera, ensuring long-term, stable and reliable operation of the camera.

The FTV type furnace flame monitoring device has formed a series of products with multiple varieties, specifications, and has the advantages of self-protection, interlock control, and remote operation. In addition, users can select product functions with different configurations according to the requirements of field working conditions, such as electric axial rotation (patent number: ZL201420250419.8), power failure protection, furnace real-time temperature measurement (patent number: ZL201620568116. X), intelligent control, explosion-proof, etc. This device is widely used in the monitoring of various industrial furnaces, mainly in petrochemical, electric power, metallurgy and other fields.

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