Industrial TV

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Industrial TV

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Industrial TV

STV industrial television system is mainly composed of camera, camera protection mechanism, PTZ, field control box, remote controller, monitor, picture splitter and supporting cables. Cameras are divided into gun type color industrial cameras and integrated color industrial cameras. They are protected by the protection mechanism, and have the advantages of high temperature resistance, long service life, reliable operation, high resolution, continuous operation, no distortion, etc. The camera is installed on the PTZ, which can be controlled locally or remotely through the field control box and remote controller, and the two to four surveillance images can be switched to one monitor for monitoring through a video switcher or screen splitter.

Technical advantages

STV type industrial television system camera is an imported brand, which has the advantages of stable operation and high resolution, and can be equipped with an electric three variable lens according to the needs of on-site working conditions to achieve on-site or remote adjustment of aperture, zoom focal length, zoom, etc. to achieve the best imaging effect.

STV type industrial TV system can be installed in two ways: fixed PTZ and electric PTZ. The fixed PTZ can swing to its left, right, up and down on site, and the electric PTZ can realize the up, down, left and right rotation movement of the remote control device through the linkage between the central control room controller and the field control box, thus providing a wider observation range.

As the observation device has been in a high temperature environment for a long time, our company adopts a variety of refrigeration protection technologies, including air cooling protection (cyclone separator cooler, patent number: ZL201120083324.8), radiator refrigeration, and semiconductor refrigeration. Users can choose different refrigeration methods for protection according to different working conditions to ensure safe and stable operation of the device in a high temperature environment. In addition, the device also has an overtemperature audible and visual alarm function, that is, when the camera temperature exceeds the defined temperature, the device will automatically alarm to avoid camera damage or failure to operate due to overtemperature.

In view of the working condition environment where the light changes greatly day and night or the installation distance is small, a fully enclosed hood is used for monitoring. The totally enclosed light shield completely encloses the camera and the front cover of the water level gauge, so that they are not affected by the changes of light day and night. The cover is equipped with LED light source, which ensures that the camera can monitor under constant light. For working conditions with small installation distance, large and small reflectors are set in the fully enclosed hood box, and the water level image is imaged twice through the large and small reflectors, so that the distance between the camera and the water level gauge as the mirror image is nearly 4 times higher than the actual horizontal distance between the camera and the water level gauge, avoiding the occurrence of incomplete or unclear water level image monitoring due to the narrow space in front of the water level gauge and the camera being too close to the water level gauge. In addition, the lower part of the fully enclosed hood box is equipped with a movable, retractable and removable mounting frame, which provides convenience for replacing the spare parts of the water level gauge window.

STV type industrial television system has formed a series of industrial products with multiple varieties, specifications. Products with corresponding configuration can be selected according to the site working conditions, such as remote control, explosion-proof function, automatic alarm, etc

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