Tieguang Company: "Old Brand" Brings New Vitality

Tieguang Company: "Old Brand" Brings New Vitality

(Summary description) 铁岭铁光仪器仪表有限责任公司由原国有中型企业——铁岭光学仪器厂改制组建。铁岭光学仪器厂始建于1956年,是原机械电子工业部生产仪器仪表的骨干企业。

Tieguang Company: "Old Brand" Brings New Vitality

(Summary description) 铁岭铁光仪器仪表有限责任公司由原国有中型企业——铁岭光学仪器厂改制组建。铁岭光学仪器厂始建于1956年,是原机械电子工业部生产仪器仪表的骨干企业。

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    In winter, the sturdy commemorative tree for moving north at the gate of the company and the scenic stone engraved with the words "Tieling Tieguang" in the factory area are all telling the story of the enterprise's glorious past for decades.

The buzzing mechanical sound in the workshop and the heated discussion by the R&D personnel in the innovation studio are full of vitality and vitality.

   Tieling Tieguang Instrument Co., Ltd. was restructured and established by Tieling Optical Instrument Factory, a former state-owned medium-sized enterprise. Tieling Optical Instrument Factory, founded in 1956, is the backbone enterprise of the former Ministry of Mechanical and Electronic Industry in the production of instruments and meters.

"We have inherited the profound cultural heritage and brand influence of the old state-owned enterprises for decades, so we can't sleep on the past report card." Xiao Guoming, vice general manager of the company, said that in recent years, the company has taken technological transformation and scientific and technological innovation as the first driving force to lead development, and focused on expanding the market, so that "time-honored brands" can glow "new" vitality.


Research and development of new products

"This two-color air bag level gauge is a star product of the company. The built-in strong flushing device is our 'magic weapon' to ensure its stable operation. What good ideas do you have for improving this strong flushing device?"

"The existing valve can be changed into a power assisted valve, which is conducive to operation and maintenance." "The volume of the tank should be increased to facilitate rapid heat dissipation." "It is also a way to use air cooling or water cooling for power assistance." On November 24, several members of the company's Liu Song Innovation Studio gathered together to make suggestions for the transformation and upgrading of existing products.

Liu Song Innovation Studio, established in 2018, closely linked with production practice and carried out "brainstorming" irregularly, has now created tens of millions of yuan of output value and obtained 17 utility model patents, which has become a strong support for the company's scientific and technological innovation.

On the one hand, tap the potential inward, and on the other hand, actively introduce "exobrain". In recent years, Tieguang has cooperated with Tsinghua University, Northeast University, Tianjin University and other universities to jointly develop more than 10 new products, such as high pressure and high temperature liquid level gauge, rack type stripping boiler flame TV monitoring device, and some products have filled the domestic gap. While the transformation rate of scientific research achievements in colleges and universities has improved significantly, the market share of the company's products has also increased significantly.


Xiao Guoming (left) communicates with workshop workers

Xiao Guoming introduced that as a well-known enterprise producing liquid level instruments, industrial monitoring and flow instruments in China, Tieguang has become a member unit and high-quality supplier of material procurement for Sinopec, PetroChina, five major national power companies, more than ten boiler plants and more than thirty steel companies.

"In the past, our products were mainly sold to large state-owned enterprises and completed projects. After years of intensive cultivation, the market was close to saturation. Now, the company is actively changing its concept and focusing on supporting instruments and meters for large projects under construction, such as thermal power generation and petrochemical industry." Xiao Guoming introduced that the company has successively provided flame monitoring equipment for the 100MW unit of Huaneng Zhejiang Yuhuan Power Plant, the first ultra supercritical boiler in China, and two-color water level gauges for domestic 600MW units such as Beilun Port and Yuanbaoshan. The products are also exported to the United States, Japan, Thailand, Iran, Bangladesh, Algeria, Syria and other countries.

Accumulating new culture

"This is an industry-leading drilling and milling machine introduced by our company, which integrates the two processes of milling and drilling, effectively improving production efficiency and reducing labor intensity of workers." In the company's machining workshop, Xiao Guoming proudly introduced the company's CNC processing equipment to reporters.

Xiao Guoming introduced that the company has 15 CNC processing equipment and more than 100 mechanical equipment. In addition, the industrial TV ultra precision test bench, water level gauge cold pressure laboratory, thermal testing furnace, wind vane verification center, measurement center, inspection center, material physics and chemistry laboratory and other testing and verification equipment are all available.

"We strictly control the quality of materials when they enter the factory and products when they leave the factory, and strictly control the quality during the processing process. Now, in the company, the concept of 'quality is the life of the enterprise' has been deeply rooted." Xiao Guoming said that, in addition, the company insisted on the combination of pre job training of employees with the old leading the new and passing on the help to speed up the growth of new employees, stimulate the enthusiasm and sense of responsibility of old employees, and promote the quality improvement.

Xiao Guoming said that Tieling Tieguang, as a traditional "time-honored brand", has a lot to do on the way of technological innovation and development in our city, which takes enterprises as the main body, takes the market as the guidance, and combines industry, education and research. The company will continue to increase research and development efforts, produce more marketable scientific and technological products, and polish the Tieguang brand.

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