Tieling Tieguang Instrument Co., Ltd. conducts fire training and drill

Tieling Tieguang Instrument Co., Ltd. conducts fire training and drill

(Summary description)  为进一步加强消防安全培训工作,提高全体员工消防安全意识,提升应急处理能力,10月15日,铁岭铁光仪器仪表有限责任公司特邀请消防专家孙警官开展了一次消防培训及演练。公司中层以上领导、一线全体员工和安全员参加了此次培训,公司全员参加了消防演练。

Tieling Tieguang Instrument Co., Ltd. conducts fire training and drill

(Summary description)  为进一步加强消防安全培训工作,提高全体员工消防安全意识,提升应急处理能力,10月15日,铁岭铁光仪器仪表有限责任公司特邀请消防专家孙警官开展了一次消防培训及演练。公司中层以上领导、一线全体员工和安全员参加了此次培训,公司全员参加了消防演练。

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   In order to further strengthen the fire safety training, improve the fire safety awareness of all employees and enhance the emergency response capability, Tieling Tieguang Instrument Co., Ltd. specially invited the fire expert, Officer Sun, to carry out a fire training and drill on October 15. The company's middle-level and above leaders, all front-line employees and safety officers participated in the training, and the company's entire staff participated in the fire drill.

   The training contents mainly include the principles of fire, four understandings, four meetings, four abilities, common sense of fire fighting, emergency evacuation and escape, and in combination with the specific reality of the company, explain how to eliminate potential safety hazards, and how to deal with fires in key fire prevention places, which are well educated. Officer Sun emphasized the importance of fire safety work, and required all departments of the company to implement fire safety knowledge publicity, carry out fire safety self-examination on key parts, and post fire tips at eye-catching locations to prevent fire hazards.

   In order to put the training into practice, strike while the iron is hot, and popularize the use of fire extinguishers among employees, after the training, a fire drill of dry powder fire extinguishers was held on the square in front of the military workshop. During the process, Officer Sun emphasized the use methods and precautions of dry powder fire extinguishers, and the personnel of each department took turns to operate them, and finally mastered the use methods of fire extinguishers.

   The fire training and drill effectively combined theory with practice, improved employees' fire awareness and disaster prevention and reduction capabilities, strengthened employees' awareness of safe production and fire and electricity use, made all employees further understand and understand the importance of fire safety work, improved everyone's fire safety awareness, helped to better promote the implementation of the unit's main responsibility for fire safety, and effectively prevented various safety accidents, It has laid a solid foundation for future work safety.

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