The overhaul of Tieling Tieguang Instrument Co., Ltd. was successfully completed

The overhaul of Tieling Tieguang Instrument Co., Ltd. was successfully completed

(Summary description)铁岭铁光仪器仪表有限责任公司是生产液位仪表、工业监视和流量仪表最具规模的全国知名企业,是国防科工委武器装备生产配套企业。

The overhaul of Tieling Tieguang Instrument Co., Ltd. was successfully completed

(Summary description)铁岭铁光仪器仪表有限责任公司是生产液位仪表、工业监视和流量仪表最具规模的全国知名企业,是国防科工委武器装备生产配套企业。

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    Tieling Tieguang Instrument and Meter Co., Ltd. is the largest national well-known enterprise producing liquid level instruments, industrial monitoring and flow instruments, and a supporting enterprise for weapon equipment production of the Commission of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense.

On April 10 of this year, the equipment of Fushun Petrochemical and Jiujiang Petrochemical successively entered the site for maintenance. This overhaul is extremely challenging. Most of these equipment have been used for more than 30 years. The equipment is miscellaneous and old, causing great difficulty for maintenance. The whole company attaches great importance to it. In order to ensure the quality and duration of maintenance, the company set up a maintenance team at the first time to carry out detailed division of labor, record the equipment account, ensure that there is no omission, and carry out maintenance work comprehensively and quickly. In the whole overhaul process, the company adheres to the principle of safety first, strengthens the safety management during the overhaul, improves the safety management level and the safety awareness of all staff, and creates a good atmosphere for safe overhaul. During the maintenance, the personnel involved in the maintenance can earnestly implement various safety management measures, standardize the safe operation on the maintenance site, and effectively ensure the safe and smooth completion of the maintenance. During the maintenance, we strengthened the on-site safety inspection and monitoring of key maintenance projects, and supervised the maintenance projects to strictly comply with various safety management systems and maintenance regulations.

   The realization of product quality is ensured by several processes. The maintenance personnel strengthen the monitoring of each maintenance process, starting from every detail of the maintenance, under the premise of ensuring safety, take the maintenance quality as the center, so that the quality does not pass the standard and does not enter the next link, and complete each maintenance project with high standards and quality, improve the reliability and stability of the equipment, and ensure the safe and stable operation of the next service cycle. The personnel of the Quality Management Department go to the maintenance site every day to track and inspect the key points and links of equipment maintenance, strictly control the maintenance quality, achieve early discovery and early rectification in quality control, standardize quality control, strictly implement the acceptance system, and ensure that the maintenance process and each link can be strictly implemented in accordance with the maintenance standards, process requirements, technical specifications, etc.

   Due to the high pressure of maintenance production and tight schedule, all maintenance personnel sacrifice their rest time and work overtime until 90 o'clock every day. They also give up the rest on weekends. During the maintenance, they happen to catch the May Day holiday. In order to ensure the schedule, the maintenance personnel give up the opportunity of vacation and family reunion, and devote themselves to the maintenance work The person in charge of safety shall make detailed records, and also ask the customer to conduct on-site acceptance. After acceptance, the work sheet shall be archived, so as to identify the quality problems in the maintenance. This greatly enhances the sense of responsibility of the maintenance personnel and ensures the maintenance quality.

   Through the full cooperation of the company, the coordination of various departments, the linkage of multiple departments, and the joint efforts of one month, the overhaul task was successfully completed with quality and quantity guaranteed, and 883 sets of equipment were overhauled in total. The safe and successful completion of the overhaul work of Fushun Petrochemical and Jiujiang Petrochemical is the result of the joint efforts of workshop workers, leaders and all personnel participating in the inspection. It is the result of everyone's initiative, unity and hard work. The company has overcome the problems of small personnel, heavy workload, tight construction period and so on, successfully completed various tasks of the overhaul, reached the customer's expectations, and laid a more solid foundation for the long-term cooperation between the two sides in the future, It has won a good reputation for the company.

   Under the new situation, opportunities and challenges coexist, and the burden on Tieguang people will be heavier. Tieguang people will work together with enterprises, carry forward their advantages, overcome their shortcomings, tap their potential, and brave the difficulties, and will certainly create brilliance in the future work.





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