Tieguang Company 2018 Staff Commendation and New Year Celebration Conference

Tieguang Company 2018 Staff Commendation and New Year Celebration Conference

(Summary description)

Tieguang Company 2018 Staff Commendation and New Year Celebration Conference

(Summary description)

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  In 2018, under the correct leadership of the Board of Directors, all employees of Tieguang Company rallied, innovated and made breakthroughs, improved quality and efficiency, exceeded all the business indicators determined by the Board of Directors at the beginning of the year, and achieved fruitful results in all undertakings!

    On January 30, 2019, on the occasion of bidding farewell to the old and ushering in the new, Tieguang's 2018 Staff Commendation Conference and New Year Greeting Party were held in the Golden Hall on the sixth floor of Huifeng Hotel.

Sun Jinghe, General Manager of the Company, made the "2018 Work Summary Report"

Zhu Lili, the director of the company, read out the "2018 Commendation Decision of Tieguang Company"

Group photo of chief workers

Group photo of sales pacesetters

Group photo of excellent service technicians

Group photo of information feedback award

New Talent Award

Group photo of star rated employees

Tieguang Spring Festival Party officially started

The passage of time reminds us of the dream like past song "Past can only be remembered"

In order to love, they constantly pursue, and in order to dream, they prefer to be stubborn,

This is the young power chorus "Stubbornness"

Only those who dare to fight can become the winner of the competition

The song "Win only if you fight hard"

The dream is still ahead, waiting for us to fight and struggle. Chorus Red Sun

Children's calligraphy exhibition, "blessing" for everyone

We should make a good use of today. Everything can be started from scratch

Our "Iron Light People" are different. We struggle to support the sky song "We Are Different"

  Chairman Li Jun recited the poem "Qinyuan Spring" ▪ Changsha "and send the New Year's greetings!

  董事  朱丽莉   歌曲《好日子》

Today is a good day for us to gather together in the harvest season;

Today is a good day. We hope to fly when we get together.

Yu Jingtao, Deputy General Manager of Sales, sang "Friends"

A warm embrace when sad, a soft greeting when depressed

Front line employees have made great efforts to create new historical highs. It can be said that we workers have strength and are not afraid of difficulties

Don't be afraid of being busy, and selflessly contribute to self-improvement for the great cause of "Tieguang". Chorus "We Workers Have Power"

"Sudden Ego" Let's realize our self-worth and make efforts to contribute!

Let's hear applause from people in our warm family


Company leaders fill the glasses for employees who have worked hard for a year

Wish Tieguang a better tomorrow


Lucky Star of Tieguang Company

A new journey is about to start. The enterprising "Tieguang people" will continue to enlarge the pattern, refresh their achievements with new wisdom, and forge ahead with the spirit of ingenuity

OK, push the common cause to a more brilliant new stage.  

On the occasion of the arrival of the Spring Festival, I sincerely wish you a happy New Year, a prosperous Year of the Pig, a happy family and all the best!

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