cLiaoning Safe Production Supervision Team inspected the company

cLiaoning Safe Production Supervision Team inspected the company

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cLiaoning Safe Production Supervision Team inspected the company

(Summary description)

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   Liaoning Provincial Work Safety Supervision Team inspects the company

On the morning of March 14, accompanied by Li Tiegang, the head of Yinzhou District, Tieling City, a delegation led by the Safety Production Supervision Group of Liaoning Province came to our company to inspect the work of safety production management, and had a discussion and exchange.

   At the production site of our company, Li Jun, the chairman of the company, and Sun Jinghe, the general manager introduced the company's general situation, production process, large-scale equipment configuration, environmental protection and recent main work in detail. The leaders of the inspection team affirmed the standardization and order of the company's production site, and praised the achievements in operation and management.

   Through field investigation and on-site discussion, the inspection team and the head of Li Tiegang District highly affirmed the implementation of the company's safety responsibilities, the management and control of safety measures, the safety guarantee measures and the safety supervision, and the realization of the long cycle operation of safety production. In view of doing a good job in safety production in the future, he pointed out that we should firmly establish the awareness of "safety first, development second", constantly strengthen safety supervision, strengthen the publicity and education of safety production for employees, improve their awareness of safety production, and at the same time strengthen the basic work of safety, always tighten the strings of safety    production, improve the safety assurance ability, so as to further improve the level of safety management.

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