The company held the "2013 Spring Festival Sales Tea Party"

The company held the "2013 Spring Festival Sales Tea Party"

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The company held the "2013 Spring Festival Sales Tea Party"

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   On the morning of January 24, the company held the "2013 Spring Festival Sales Tea Party" on the third floor of Tianxing Hotel. The leaders of the board of directors and all employees of the marketing department held a new tea party.

At the meeting, Minister Huang Jinping, who is in charge of marketing, read out the list of 2013's outstanding salesmen and congratulated them. Then Minister Huang Jinping and Minister Zhou Liming of the Service Department made a summary report on their work in the past year. Deputy General Manager Yuan of the Company made a 2013 annual summary report on the work of sales field staff.

  Comrade Zhu Lili, Executive Deputy General Manager of the Company, and Comrade Sun Jinghe, General Manager of the Company made important speeches respectively. On behalf of the company's leaders, they first congratulated the company on the unity and cooperation of all staff in the sales department and the excellent service of the service department in 2013, and also thanked all staff in the front line of marketing for their hard work and efforts. They also put forward several suggestions and requirements for the next work, pointed out the problems in the sales and service work, and hoped that all sales and service personnel should guard against arrogance and rashness, Strive for another brilliant achievement in the assessment next year.

  Comrade Li Jun, Chairman of the Board of Directors, made a summary of the annual sales work at the meeting. From the perspective of sales contract volume and customer feedback on the company's after-sales service, the overall trend is still developing in a good direction. All aspects of economic indicators have achieved the expected results, showing the spirit of "iron light". In the new year, we hope that everyone will make more efforts to complete or overfulfil the new year's plan formulated by the company and individuals.   The employees present were deeply encouraged by the inspiring speech of the leaders. They all gave suggestions and looked forward to the future, and expressed that they would use practical actions to strive for greater achievements to repay the kindness of the company's leaders to all marketing employees.

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