Tieguang 2013 Annual Work Summary and Commendation Conference

Tieguang 2013 Annual Work Summary and Commendation Conference

(Summary description) 2014年1月29日上午11点整,铁光公司2013年度工作总结表彰大会在天兴酒店五楼召开。大会由公司生产经理夏保平主持。

Tieguang 2013 Annual Work Summary and Commendation Conference

(Summary description) 2014年1月29日上午11点整,铁光公司2013年度工作总结表彰大会在天兴酒店五楼召开。大会由公司生产经理夏保平主持。

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   At 11:00 a.m. on January 29, 2014, the 2013 annual work summary and commendation meeting of Tieguang was held on the fifth floor of Tianxing Hotel. Xia Baoping, the production manager of the company, presided over the meeting.

At the meeting, Sun Jinghe, the general manager of the company, presented the 2013 work report to the meeting on behalf of the manager's office meeting, and made work outlook and arrangement for 2014.

   The year 2013 is a year when the total business volume of Tieguang Company has increased significantly since its establishment, and also a year when the company's internal management has gradually become standardized and institutionalized. Over the past year, under the correct leadership of the Board of Directors of the Company, and under the hard work of all employees, Tieguang Company has exceeded all business indicators determined by the resolution of the Board of Directors at the beginning of the year, focusing on product ordering, product research and development, technological innovation, education and training, energy conservation and consumption reduction, and ISO9001 quality system certification standards, closely focusing on the objectives and work ideas determined by the Board of Directors at the beginning of the year, The company has pushed the speed of development to a new climax.

   While seeing the achievements and honors, we should also face up to our own shortcomings and shortcomings, so as to ensure the sustainable, stable and rapid development of the company. This requires us to further clarify the development goals, further innovate the development concept, further change the development mode, and put the idea of continuous improvement and being realistic and pragmatic into the overall work of the company.

   The work guidelines for 2014 focus on marketing, strengthen service awareness, make democratic decisions, and develop scientifically. Economic indicators: the sales contract of the year is expected to reach 120 million yuan, and the total industrial output value is 140 million yuan; The sales revenue reached 100 million yuan.

   Then, according to the results of the annual employee assessment and year-end summary and award, Zhu Lili, the executive vice general manager of Tieguang Company, read out the 2013 Annual Commendation Decision of Tieguang Company; The leaders of the Board of Directors shall issue plaques, certificates and bonuses to the departments and individuals to be commended; Comrade Li Wei, the sales representative of the company and the winner of the new talent award, and Comrade Wang Yongguang, the representative of Tieguang Research Institute and the winner of the excellent engineer, made warm speeches respectively.

   Comrade Sun Jinghe, General Manager of the Company, delivered a passionate speech

Group photo of outstanding employees in 2013

A group photo of the award-winning excellent salespersons

Award and recognition 2013 New Person Award

Gags of the company's New Year party

   At 11:00 a.m. on January 28, our company held the "2013 Tieguang Company Summary and Commendation Conference and New Year Party" in the multi-function hall of Tianxing Hotel. The company's leaders and all employees were invited to get together to celebrate the New Year. The performances of the Spring Festival were brilliant. The party kicked off in the dance performance of "Rush, Rush, Rush in the Year of the Horse". The staff expressed their love for Tieguang and their hope for tomorrow with songs and dances; The staff performed their own programs, and the audience applauded and laughed incessantly.

Dance performance "Chong, Chong, Chong in the Year of the Horse"

The sketch "New Judge Judge the Case"

The song "New Princess Drunken"

Sketch "Follow the Cat and Draw the Tiger"

Male and female duet "Every Day in My Life"

   Huang Ju and Han Bing, the hosts of the get-together, worked hard for a year and turned into laughter in the peaceful and festive atmosphere of the get-together, which was successfully ended in the happy drinking of all the staff.

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