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Flame monitoring

Furnace flame monitoring device 

The furnace flame monitoring device is a color industrial television monitoring system that monitors the combustion state of fuel in various industrial furnaces. The system integrates optical, mechanical and electronic in one. Through this system, the operator can monitor the real flame image from the monitor on the monitor, and can detect the abnormal combustion and special circumstances in the furnace, and deal with it accordingly. The application of this device to avoid the occurrence of a variety of security incidents, is a variety of industrial furnace safety, economic and stable operation of a reliable guarantee.
System composition and principle
FTV-type furnace flame monitoring device is composed of optical imaging mechanism, movement mechanism, protection mechanism, control mechanism and connection display mechanism. Its working principle is through the furnace into the furnace high temperature imaging lens on the furnace burning flame imaging, and then by the optical tube in the mirror group will be the intake of the flame image to the mirror tube is not located in the furnace outside the protective cover Of the camera on the target surface, the CCD into electrical signals sent to the control room on the monitor. So that the monitor in the control room can clearly see the furnace flame burning real image.
Technical advantages
FTV-type furnace flame monitoring device lenses are used by our company for the National Defense Science and Technology Commission weapons and equipment research and development of optical lenses, in particular the protection of the lens is made of precious stones made of precision machining technology, with a strong high temperature and corrosion resistance The performance.
Thus ensuring the clarity of the imaging (up to 4K resolution) and high temperature performance (up to 2000 ℃). Installed electronic components imported brands, to ensure the stability of the device operation and reliability. For the long-term high temperature conditions in the device, in order to better ensure the stable operation of the device, our company uses air-cooled protection technology to cool it. Air-cooled protection technology is the use of instrument wind on the device lens and mirror tube cooling, which the camera's air-cooled protection using our swirl separator cooler. Swirl-type chiller is the introduction of the instrument wind into the refrigerator, the separation of the formation of hot air and cold air, hot air discharged through the refrigerator. While the cold wind on the camera to effectively cool to ensure that the camera long-term, stable and reliable operation.
FTV-type furnace flame monitoring device has become a multi-species, multi-standard, serialized products, with self-protection, interlock control and remote operation and so on. In addition, the user can according to the needs of the site conditions, choose different configurations of product features, such as electric axial rotation (patent number: ZL201420250419.8), power protection, furnace real temperature (patent number: ZL201620568116.X), intelligent Control and explosion protection. This device has a wide range of applications in the monitoring of various industrial furnaces, mainly for petrochemical, electric power, metallurgy and other fields.