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  • Name: FTV-A electric furnace flame monitoring device
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The FTV-A electric furnace flame monitoring device drives the rack and pinion drive with the motor as the power source. The operator can control the advance and retreat movement of the optical imaging mechanism in the control room or the field control cabinet. This type of device has a self-protection function, that is, when the periscope tube loss of air-cooled protection or over-temperature, the optical imaging mechanism will automatically withdraw from the furnace, so as to protect the device safe operation. In addition, this device can access the whole plant closed circuit monitoring system and DCS control system, the operator can also through the above two systems to monitor and control.

FTV-A electric furnace flame monitoring device has the advantages of clear imaging, reliable operation, easy installation and maintenance, and has wide application in the fields of petrochemical and electric power.

The main technical parameters
Observed field of view: 50 °, 90 °, 105 ° 120 °;
Lens angle: 0 ° (straight), 45 °, 60 °;
Protective cover working environment: -40 ℃ ~ 70 ℃;
Lens heat-resistant temperature: ≤ 2000 ℃;
Device required source parameters:
Wind pressure ≥ 0.3Mpa;
Wind source flow ≥ 0.3m3 / min;
Air temperature ≤ 40 ℃, dust particle size ≤ 10μm;
Oil content ≤ 10mg / m3;
Work power: AC 220V, 50HZ, 300W;
Advance and retreat: electric advance and retreat;
Automatic exit condition;
When the submarine tube protection wind inlet pressure is lower than 0.04MPa, the imaging system automatically withdraw from the work site;
When the temperature inside the protective cover is higher than 70 ℃, the imaging system automatically withdraw from the work site;
Weight: 43.5kg (field probe part).
Installation: welding;

Product selection table

FTV Product number Number Description Content
-A   Electric type It is suitable for the monitoring work of industrial furnaces for coal, gas and various direct fuel combustion in petrochemical, electric power and metallurgical industries.
-C   Pneumatic
-H   Manual
-G   Fixed
  L   Cable transmission It is suitable for signal transmission distance and signal interference
(Transmission distance ≥ 250m).
C     Cable transmission Applicable to the signal transmission distance and signal interference is weak
(Transmission distance <250m).
    Instrument source Applicable to the scene with the instrument wind conditions.
  Whirlpool air pump Applicable to the scene without instrument wind conditions.
  Low pressure source Applicable to the site with low pressure wind conditions.
"-" (other function code)
Features   R   330 ° electric cycle rotation Can be a comprehensive, timely and intuitive to grasp the furnace within a variety of conditions, with a greater range of surveillance, especially for the petrochemical industry, a variety of heating furnace and bio-power industry boiler monitoring work.
  T   Furnace temperature measurement Using infrared thermal imaging technology and computer image digital processing technology can be real-time measurement of the entire furnace within the entire field of view of the field of view of each target or designated area of the real temperature. Especially for the petrochemical industry of various types of industrial furnace.
  D   Intelligent control Using computer image processing technology to further analyze and deal with the surveillance image, in order to achieve fire alarm, automatic compression storage images, automatic calibration of the flame center, temperature field display and other intelligent control. Especially for the intelligent control requirements of the strict conditions.
  Ex Explosion protection Applicable to the petrochemical and power industry for the use of explosion-proof environment needs. Explosion-proof grade: Ex-dIIBT4 Gb / Ex-dIICT4 Gb / Ex-dIICT6 Gb

Selection example
Electric furnace flame monitoring device
Signal transmission: cable transmission, air-cooled protection: instrument wind source, with 330 ° electric cycle rotation function, with a furnace temperature measurement function, with explosion-proof function