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UDZ type intelligent electrical contact water level gauge consists of measuring cylinder and secondary table matching, measuring the electrical connection on the tube location and secondary table on the corresponding light-emitting diodes, the secondary table in the control room shows the water level. Secondary table using single-chip and integrated circuits, with intelligent analysis and judgment of the ability, when the water level anomalies, can be sound and light alarm and interlock control. This type of instrument has the advantages of stable performance, reliable operation and convenient maintenance. It has wide application in water tank of boiler drum, water tank and so on.

Working principle
As the water and steam conductivity is very different, with power plant boiler drum, for example, the general water resistance in the tens of KΩ, the steam resistance above 1MΩ, the level of the water level by measuring the resistance of the tube contacts change, Electrical signal sent to the secondary table, the secondary table in the multi-channel switch circuit will be the point of the electrical resistance of the resistance value of time-sharing gating, converted to a voltage signal to the A / D converter, into a digital, by the single-chip sampling After the calculation of the corresponding resistance value and the pre-set the threshold to compare. Greater than the critical value of the contacts, in the steam, the CPU through the I / O circuit so that the LED display red; less than the critical value of the contacts, in the water, then the green, red and green at the junction of the water level value, and finally by the light-emitting diodes and digital The pipe directly displays the water level.

Technical advantages
UDZ intelligent electrical contact water level meter with a variety of electrodes for users to choose, the user can according to the specific site conditions, select the appropriate type of electrode. The TGZM104 type tapered seal electrode is our patented product (patent number ZL201120083323.3). The electrode contact material adopts stainless steel material. The material of the electrode base is made of hard alloy with high strength, wear resistance, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, And its sealing structure can effectively prevent the electrode scale, corrosion, leakage and other circumstances, to improve the service life of the electrode.

UDZ intelligent electrical contact water level meter with sound and light alarm, interlock control and heating and other functions, the user can choose the appropriate configuration according to the needs of the scene. According to the on-site conditions, the user can set the multi-point water level alarm to the secondary table. When the water level is abnormal, the sound and light alarm of the secondary table will cause the water level to appear abnormally and reach the interlock control by accessing the field control system.

UDZ type intelligent electric contact water level meter with heat function is divided into steam with heat and electric heating two structures. The steam is used to heat the measuring cylinder with the saturated steam in the drum, and the condensing device is provided so that the water in the measuring cylinder is the same pure water as the drum temperature, which improves the service life and the measurement precision of the electrode. Electric heating is the use of ceramic heaters on the measuring tube heating, so that the temperature inside the barrel and the drum to keep the temperature consistent with the higher accuracy.

Selection of parameters table

UDZ-191A Product number Number Description
  -4.0   Design pressure: 4.0MPa
-6.4   Design pressure: 6.4MPa
-12   Design pressure: 12MPa
-16   Design pressure: 16MPa
-22   Design pressure: 22MPa
  B1   Steam with heat
B2   Electric tracing type
  /Y Push-in electrode
/X Screw-in electrode
/S Graphite seal electrode
/Z Cone sealing electrode
Operating temperature
Center distance 670mm or according to user needs.
Material 20G / SA106 / 304/316 or configured according to user requirements.
Number of measuring points (N) 2≤N≤33
Measuring point position 0, ± 15, ± 30, ± 5075, ± 100, ± 150, ± 200, ± 250, ± 300 or according to user requirements
Secondary table operating voltage 220V±22V、50Hz
Secondary table work environment -10 ~ 45 ℃, relative humidity ≤ 85%
Secondary table output contact capacity 220V、3A
Quadratic power 10W
Connection method Welding or flange connection


Selection example
UDZ-191A-6.4B2 / S
UDZ type intelligent electrical contact water level gauge design pressure: 6.4MPa, electric heating type, graphite sealing electrode