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RT Type Guided Wave Radar The water level gauge is a high-tech instrument for measuring and observing changes in the water level inside the pressure vessel. It is a top-down measuring system based on the principle of time travel. The distance between the reference point and the material surface is measured. Widely used in power plants, petrochemical industry and the industrial and mining enterprises of the steam boiler or other pressure vessel water level monitoring. Using steam red water green display, anhydrous all red, full of water full green. The scale indicated at the junction of red and green is the actual water level in the container.

Working principle
Guided wave radar water level gauge is based on the principle of time course of work overlooking the measurement system, the reference point to the material between the surface of the measurement. The high frequency pulse signal is transmitted to the probe and propagates along the probe. The pulse signal is reflected on the surface of the material. The reflected signal is received by the instrument and converted into level information. This measurement method is called time domain reflection method. Pulse signal along the probe to the instrument, the microprocessor by the signal analysis to identify the high-frequency signal in the material surface of the real reflection echo, which shows the real water level.

Technical advantages
RT-type guided wave radar water level meter with imported head, and in the head and the connection between the installation of cooling devices installed, so that the water level can be safe in high temperature environment, stable operation. The water level meter uses a new type of LED light source, with energy saving, long life, clear display and so on. RT-type guided wave radar with a remote function, can output 4 ~ 20mA signal (with Hart protocol) access DCS, and then the water level monitoring and industrial process control.

Selection of parameters table

RT-SW Product number Number Description
  4.0   Design pressure: 4.0MPa
6.4   Design pressure: 6.4MPa
10   Design pressure: 10MPa
12   Design pressure: 12MPa
16   Design pressure: 16MPa
22   Design pressure: 22MPa
  -I Carbon steel material
-II Stainless steel
Center distance
Operating temperature ≤400℃
Accuracy ±5mm
Transmitter and monitor power supply 24VDC
Switching power supply 220VAC


Selection example
RT guided wave radar water level design pressure: 6.4MPa, material: stainless steel