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  • Name: High Pressure Magnetic Float Level Gauge for Drum计
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Drum dedicated high-pressure magnetic level meter products are widely used in petrochemical, metallurgical, thermal power plants and other industrial sectors to monitor the level of the instrument. Especially in the thermal power plant 50MW, 125MW, 200MW, 300MW, 600MW various types of boiler drums used, very popular with the majority of users. High pressure magnetic level meter for drums has the characteristics of simple structure, clear display, low maintenance, low cost, safe and reliable.

The drum is used in high-strength titanium alloy material, they have high temperature, high pressure, corrosion resistance and other characteristics, especially in the float of the magnetic Steel, which uses high temperature rare earth samarium cobalt permanent magnetic material, completely degaussing Curie temperature of 800 ℃, the general work in the 380 ℃ ~ 450 ℃ or so in the environment never demagnetization.

Display ceramic rotor is composed of red and green (red and white) two colors, through the body of the float in the body of the magnetic drive driven by the rotor half-cycle when the liquid level rose to green (white), the liquid level turned red, its red and green (White) at the boundary for the liquid level. Can also be equipped with red and green LED electronic display. Both sides of the display are equipped with a ruler to indicate the level value. To ensure that the body inside the float, the next flexible float to prevent impurities into the iron, the product can also be installed according to the user needs to install magnetic filter device.

Selection of parameters table

Working pressure (MPa) 12 16 20 22
Medium temperature (℃) 350 350 400 400
Installation center distance L (mm) 600,670,1000,1100,1200 (also specified by the user)
Visual distance L1 (mm) L1-L
Display accuracy (mm) ±10
Under pipe to ground distance (E) ≥650mm