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TGCZ magnetostrictive level gauge (transmitter) using the most advanced signal acquisition technology, product design is reasonable, easy installation, compact structure, environmental adaptability, without regular re-marking and maintenance. With high precision, good stability, high reliability, the output signal diversity, long life, safe and reliable advantages. Widely used in industrial process control, oil processing, pharmaceutical, food processing, water treatment, gas station underground inventory in the field of liquid level, boundary monitoring, alarm and control.

Working principle
Magnetostrictive level sensor by the measuring rod, magnetostrictive line, movable float and other components. When the sensor is in operation, the circuit part of the sensor will excite the pulse current on the waveguide wire, which generates a pulsed current magnetic field around the waveguide wire along the waveguide wire. There is a float inside the sensor rod, which has a permanent magnetic ring inside the float. The float can move up and down along with the change of the liquid level. When the pulse current magnetic field meets the magnetic field of the magnetic field generated by the float, The magnetic field changes so that the waveguide wire generates a torsional wave at the position where the float is located, which is returned along the waveguide at a fixed speed and detected by the detection mechanism. By measuring the time difference between the transmitted pulse current and the torsional wave, the position of the float, that is, the position of the liquid surface, can be accurately determined.

Technical advantages
TGCZ magnetostrictive level gauge using non-contact measurement method to eliminate the measured medium on the measurement of the impact of components, and the head with a highly intelligent electronic module to improve the measurement accuracy of the device to ensure that the device operation Stable and reliable. This type of product has a reverse polarity protection function, to avoid the wiring error caused by the head damage and so on.

TGCZ-type magnetostrictive level gauge output signal diversification, the user can watch the liquid crystal display on the table liquid level, and the device can output 4-20mA standard current signal (with HART protocol), the user can control Indoor level monitoring. When the level of abnormal situation, the level gauge alarm, the user can remotely control it to ensure safe and stable operation. This type of device has a variety of functions, such as: anti-lightning, anti-radio frequency interference, explosion (optional), data recovery, with environmental adaptability, site maintenance and other advantages.

Technical Parameters
Supply voltage: 24V DC;
Ambient temperature: -20 ℃ ~ +70 ℃;
Medium requirements: density ≥ 0.5g / cm3, viscosity ≤ 0.005Pa.s;
Range: 0.3m ~ 6m;
Accuracy: 0.5;
Signal output: 4-20mA standard current signal with HART protocol;
Repeatability error: better than 0.01% FS;
Resolution: better than 0.01% FS;
Hysteresis: better than 0.01% FS;
Temperature effects: ± 0.007% FS / ℃;
Electrical connection: M20X1.5;
Explosion-proof grade: EXdIICT6Gb;
Protection class: IP65.

Product selection table

TGCZ Product number Number Description Content
-1   Top mounted magnetostrictive level gauge Installed at the top of the unit, the process is connected to a flange or thread.
-2   With external float type magnetostrictive level gauge Fitted with external float installation, the top of the table at the top, the connection is flange.
-3   Outside the bundled magnetostrictive level transmitter With the use of magnetic float level gauge, tied to the outside of the magnetic float level gauge, the top of the table at the top, the process connection for the bundled.
Material   A   304 stainless steel Selection of other stainless steel, to have antioxidant, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and non-magnetic and other physical properties.
B   316 stainless steel
C   Other material
  F   Flange Process connection using flange connection (DN)
B   Thread Process connection using threaded connection (M)
T   Tied up The process connection is tied
  -L   Range Measuring range: 300mm ~ 6000mm
Note: TGCZ- / 1TGCZ-2 magnetostrictive level gauge working pressure ≤ 4.0MPa;
TGCZ-3-type expansion level transmitter working pressure ≤ 32MPa, measuring the park ≤ 4m.

Selection example
TGCZ magnetostrictive level gauge installation: top loading, material: 316 stainless steel, process connection: flange connection, range: 500mm