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Tieling iron instrumentation limited liability company is the former state-owned enterprises Tieling optical instrument factory restructuring of the limited liability company. Retrospective history, Tieling Optical Instrument Factory was founded in 1956, is the original mechanical and electronic industry production of instrumentation backbone enterprises. Relying on the wave of modern enterprise restructuring, our company in March 2001 successfully converted in 2004, fully received the Sino-Japanese joint venture Tieling Bike all the assets and business matters. Adhering to the decades of deep cultural heritage of the company, but also a strong strength and unique charm of the industrial enterprises in northern Liaoning a shining pearl.

Tieguang company is located in the beautiful scenery of the "larger cities" Tieling, covers an area of 66,100 square meters, total assets of 45.69 million yuan. The company has a garden-like factory environment beautiful, well-equipped production equipment, with more than 40 sets of lathes, milling machine 24 (large gantry milling 1), CNC machining center 1, planer 5, metal grinding machine 4, optical processing equipment More than 50 Taiwan, drilling more than 40 Taiwan, welding machine, TIG welding machine 10. Advanced industrial television super fine test center, water level gauge cold test room, thermal test furnace, X-ray detector, material physical and chemical laboratories, wind standard test center, measurement center and other testing and testing laboratory has a complete means of detection and equipment. Our products from raw materials into the plant, processing and manufacturing, to the quality of each step have to undergo a rigorous inspection and monitoring. These are guaranteed the company's reputation and excellent product quality.

Tieguang companies adhere to the "people-oriented, integrity governance enterprises, science and technology to lead, the future of a force" business philosophy, to shape the iron light brand on the first enterprise development. Over the years the company always adhere to the "science and technology is the first productive forces" line, and Tsinghua University, Tianjin University, Northeastern University established a close cooperative relationship. And with the Northeast Institute of Artificial Intelligence and Robot Research Institute, set up in the Northeastern University of the East Iron Light Intelligent Instrument R & D center. So that the company's products greatly enhance the technological content of the company for the continuous development of new products to provide a powerful driving force for the company's rapid development has laid a solid foundation.

Tieguang is the production of liquid level instrumentation, industrial monitoring and flow meters one of the most well-known enterprises, is the National Defense Science and Technology Commission weapons and equipment production supporting enterprises. All kinds of products covering the major thermal power plants, petrochemical enterprises, boiler plants, steel companies and the military industry. In the international market, has been built in the United States, Japan, Thailand, Iran, Bangladesh and Algeria and other countries in the market layout.

I successfully for the Zhejiang Yuhuan Power Plant 1000MW unit of the country's first ultra-supercritical boiler supporting the flame monitoring system, and for the United States Foster Wheeler, the British Mitsui Babcock company, the Royal Dutch Shell supporting ultra-high pressure water level , Marking the company's products have reached the leading domestic and international advanced level.

Iron light company board of directors of domestic and foreign users over the years to support and love to express my heartfelt thanks, and sincerely invite the majority of users friends come to the company, a total of cooperative friendship, Tongchuang brilliant future.